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Rural Fuel Products

Our business is focused on giving you complete fuel solutions. From deliveries at competitive prices, an extensive range of lubricants, tanks, trailers, and dispensers, and our Rural Fuel card, we keep your business moving. Our people are also bursting with knowledge on safety, fuel management, safety and maintenance, so get in touch with your local sales person today.

Excise Duty

Do you currently purchase petrol for on farm use?  If the answer is “yes”, then did you know you can claim back your Excise tax? We can provide you with a quarterly report than can make it easier for claim completion.  Please contact our team at for further details.  Click on the links below to view a copy of the NZTA factsheet and MR70 form.

Fuel Delivery

Rural Fuel delivers fuel regularly, on time, and when needed in emergencies. We consistently strive to provide a competitive price for all of our customers and continue to set service standards that others try to emulate. Our expertise in fuel and fleet management can also help plan your delivery cycles, ensuring you never run low.

Fuel Card

A Rural Fuel card offers you significant discount on the national recommended price of fuel at BP, Rural Fuel service stations and truck stops, and other approved sites, throughout the country. No transaction fees, controlled purchase options, and easy payment via Direct Debit, it really is the convenient way to buy fuel.


To ensure a well oiled fleet of vehicles, we supply and distribute only the best quality industrial oils and lubricants that have been designed to protect hard working machinery longer. We carry a comprehensive range of Castrol and Elf products, supplied at competitive prices.

Fuel Express

Fuel Express runs smaller, more nimble delivery vehicles that deliver emergency or short-term fuel fast. Integrated contact technology, that’s driven by GPS, means the driver nearest to you responds quickly and efficiently. Fuel Express also specialises in inter-machinery filling, diesel home heat and frost protection.

Tanks, Trailers, and Dispensers

Quality fuel supply, storage and transfer means you’re less likely to lose valuable time over fuel related breakdowns. We have a full range of ERMA approved tanks, trailer tanks, filters, and nozzles, as well as fully trained staff to ensure your fuel storage and dispensing equipment is always safe and secure.

Rural Fuel can be found throughout much of the North Island, find your local representative now.

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